Advertising on the Meteorite Mailing List

On the Meteorite Mailing List an Ad is bascially an email to the membership (1700 members) that lists items for sale, links to a sale page on eBay, or promotes some type of revenue generating business (like a website). Ads are limited to members of the list and can be purchased one at a time or in bulk, and payment can be made through PayPal, by check (mailed), or by Credit Card (email or PayPal). The 1 Ad per week limit and the current policy regarding no image attachments will remain (see policies below). Also, as the majority of members aren't dealers, but may want to sell something every now and then, everyone will be provided with 2 Ad credits (free ads) to be used during the year. Read the FAQ for additional information.

Note: Payment is not required before a One time Ad (Option 1) is placed, but should be made within 1 day. Payment for the Bulk Ad options is expected prior to placing the first Ad.

Mailing List ad-related policies

  • 1 Ad per week limit
  • Plain text emails only
  • No image attachments
  • 60k email size limit
  • 2 Ad credits per member (to be used during the year)
  • Failure to pay for an Ad placed on the list will result in member removal

Payment through PayPal

Select the option and enter the email address that you are subscribed to the List with below:

Option 1 - Single Ad - $4 ---------------------------

List Email Address:

Option 2 - Bulk - 12 Ads - $35 ($2.92 per ad) ---------------------------

List Email Address:

Option 3 - Bulk - 52 Ads - $125 ($2.40 per ad) ---------------------------

List Email Address:

Payment by Check or Money Order

    US Banks only please

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can checks be used for payment?
A: Yes, checks will be accepted (US banks only). I can also accept major credit cards and cash (if you are local in San Diego)

Q: What if I only post an ad once a year? Will I be charged?
A: No, everyone gets 2 free ad credits

Q: Are the 2 free ad credits available immediately?
A: Yes, once the program starts on 4/7, the credits can be used. Until 4/7/2014 all ads are free.

Q: How will you stop sneaky and/or inadvertent ads?
A: As the list isn't moderated I can't really stop anything the first time. It's really pretty simple for me to tell what is an advertisement and what isn't so I'll be monitoring the list and working with folks if they 'inadvertently' send an ad out or try to game the system.

Q: Are Trade requests considered ads?
A: Currently no, but if trade requests increase substantially I will need to revisit them (currently trade requests are fairly infrequent).

Q: How will ads be displayed?
A: Nothing will change regarding how ads get to the list or display other than the fee (they are just another list email). Ad emails to the list need to start with the word "AD" or "SALE" in the subject line and should be plain text. Embedded images are currently not permitted.

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